Friday, August 29, 2008

day 5


I wish this workshop could continue, I have learnet so many stuffs that I never kenw before, am sure this opportunity was real perfect to me, am going to use the skills that I got.
The five days that I spent truly It was just a nice moment for me, I have learnet how to get news from different sites, how to search for anything I wanna know about, how to run my own blogspot etc.
I would like to say thank you to my director mr Peik, he has done a big and a greight job.. all this he tought us I never knew them before, am praying that the next i can be selected again to join the workshop so that I can learn more.

From the first day I knew that i would get something, and ofcourse I have got a lot of new stuffs.

Now am gonna use all the skills that I got to make sure that my job is real going to be greight.. I did enjoy the food, I wasn’t bored with anything, its real nice..

I have visited myfriends blogs, nomarly I found that the HALIMA’S blog, is quit good so many congrats to her and she is very sharp and I wish we could work together with our own blog because she has so many ideas that are matching with mine.

I would like to say thank you to all my participants for the good cooperative, I hope we will be visiting to each other blogs so that we could share our ideas…

Thursday, August 28, 2008


World trade centre building 7

World Trade Center Seven collapsed on September 11, 2001, There were no known casualties due to this collapse. The performance of WTC 7 is of significant interest because it appears the collapse was due primarily to fire, rather than any impact damage from the collapsing towers.

According to the government site, On September 11, WTC 7 collapsed It is suggested. No significant evidence is offered to back up this suggestion (after all it is only a suggestion). It should be emphasized that WTC 7 was neither hit by an aircraft nor by significant quantities of debris from the collapse of the twin towers. It is also widely claimed that WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapsed mainly due to fire. before September 11, no steel framed skyscraper had ever collapsed due to fire. However, on September 11, it is claimed that three steel framed skyscrapers collapsed mainly, or totally, due to fire.

The world was shoked due to this collapse, others were thinking of what they will going to do if they are people were there, a hundreds of people died, it waz real shoked.

According to the report, the al qaeda group leader osama bin laden sent his members to destroy to buildings in New York.
It was reported that al qaeda sent a letter few days ago concerning the warning that they r goin to destroy the building in USA.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 3 part 2

Day 3 part II
To be honest, today has become a great day to me in this workshop because the value has increased, I knew some few things but very fantastic.

First, the search of presidents names through internet, something that I never did before, when I thought I waz wrong about somebodys name, I used to ask to myfellow workes, and some of them know some of them they don’t know, and if they can tell you, its not so sure.. so i find myself not getting what I need..

But through this workshop now I can search for anyone I want in this world so I will nomarly do my job easy..

Second, the contact searching through internet is another thing that I never did and u cant believ I used to visit so many websites but I have never even try to check it..

Yesterday we opened our own blogs, what so interesting is that today I got some few things that I didn’t know them about this blogs.

I believ that the few days left I will be in the next level by myself.

milazo 101 PHAT 5

Milazo101 PHAT 5 las' week

1 qwote & shaggy – don wanna fight
2 kardinal official – dangerous
3 busta & linkin park – we made it
4 plies & ne-yo bust it baby PT 2
5 leona lewis – forgivness

yeah... kama unahitaji kuvote bonyeza comments!

Day 3

Day 3
Thank you for giving me this opportunity again, what so interested yesterday is that, I used to see that somebody got his own blogspot, this is so interesting because I knew if u wanna own your own blogspot is so complicated, like u have to pay for it etc..

So when our director told us that we are going to open our own blogs, I was shoked, and I was waiting to see what is gonna happen.. to be honest I never had this idea.www.eatv.tvSo our director told us to open , we opened it and we start open our blogs, it was very fantastic, I knew that this is the right time to publish my stuffs in a very easy way…

My blog is milazo is my weekend show name, am sure am going to use this blog very nice to my audiences…

So yesterday I wrote abaout what I learned, I wrote so many things in my blogspot .. so after this work shop am gonna put myphotos in the blog and all my details so that my audience can get what they want through the blog.

Yesterday I did enjoy attending the workshop, first a learned about the blog and so many different sites that I can visit and gain something like , where I can search for books, and so many sites that I can get more different stuffs. One thing I realize yesterday is that some of Tanzanian’s websites are not quite well, more creativity is needed and more seriousness.

Apart from that am sure hundred percent nothing bothered me, I was glad because every evening that am leaving the class, I find myself got something new in my mind, getting more stuffs about internet and so on…
To be honest am real glad, one more thing is that the food is so delicious, yani vizuri sana, probably if the food is nice I can study very well. Am sure..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I received a letter to join this workshop few weeks ago, and I was so glad to read it and realise that its internet workshop for Tanzanian Journalists, its so wonderful, so I decided to join the workshop because I knew it will help me a lot to gain more experience because of my job, am using internet a lot to prepare some of my programs. I know how to use internet but not that much as I will know when the training is finished.

In the workshop yesterday, we learned about How internet has changed societies and communication globally and journalism in the age of internet. I heard So many new stuffs yesterday, I was surprised to know that china is tha first country in the world to use internet following by USA, If u would ask me before I will say its USA. Wel, we visited so many websites yesterday, and I realy saw the changes in internet especially to a journalist like me, I didn’t know that I can watch TV through internet.. its so interesting…

Am sure this training is going to help a lot because it has what I want, what I need to be success in my job. Every day I want to learn something new about this job, yesterday our director told us that today we are going to learn about how to open blogs, I hope this is more than advantage to me, I was asking my self, how can I publish my self, how can people know wat am doing, I was thinking about open a website but its too expensive so I decide to live it, so opening my own blog is a new thing to me.

After this training I have to do so many things that I learned, I have to work through on it seriously… one of my best shows MILAZO 101 is going to be greatfully show because of the training. The internet experience that I got is opening the way to do more than I used to do earlier before this training.

What am I going to do after this training, am gonna fight and buy my own computer, (laptop)so that i can do my job more easy than I used to do. Till now there are so many advantage from this workshop,
imetulia sana