Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 3 part 2

Day 3 part II
To be honest, today has become a great day to me in this workshop because the value has increased, I knew some few things but very fantastic.

First, the search of presidents names through internet, something that I never did before, when I thought I waz wrong about somebodys name, I used to ask to myfellow workes, and some of them know some of them they don’t know, and if they can tell you, its not so sure.. so i find myself not getting what I need..

But through this workshop now I can search for anyone I want in this world so I will nomarly do my job easy..

Second, the contact searching through internet is another thing that I never did and u cant believ I used to visit so many websites but I have never even try to check it..

Yesterday we opened our own blogs, what so interesting is that today I got some few things that I didn’t know them about this blogs.

I believ that the few days left I will be in the next level by myself.

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Ndelyanarua said...

Imetulia sana, watakukoma ITV. Hope utaitumia kufanikisha ishu za maana, plis isiwe kama Utamu!!