Friday, August 29, 2008

day 5


I wish this workshop could continue, I have learnet so many stuffs that I never kenw before, am sure this opportunity was real perfect to me, am going to use the skills that I got.
The five days that I spent truly It was just a nice moment for me, I have learnet how to get news from different sites, how to search for anything I wanna know about, how to run my own blogspot etc.
I would like to say thank you to my director mr Peik, he has done a big and a greight job.. all this he tought us I never knew them before, am praying that the next i can be selected again to join the workshop so that I can learn more.

From the first day I knew that i would get something, and ofcourse I have got a lot of new stuffs.

Now am gonna use all the skills that I got to make sure that my job is real going to be greight.. I did enjoy the food, I wasn’t bored with anything, its real nice..

I have visited myfriends blogs, nomarly I found that the HALIMA’S blog, is quit good so many congrats to her and she is very sharp and I wish we could work together with our own blog because she has so many ideas that are matching with mine.

I would like to say thank you to all my participants for the good cooperative, I hope we will be visiting to each other blogs so that we could share our ideas…

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Lupamba said...

tupe habari milazo mbana kimya kingi?