Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 3

Day 3
Thank you for giving me this opportunity again, what so interested yesterday is that, I used to see that somebody got his own blogspot, this is so interesting because I knew if u wanna own your own blogspot is so complicated, like u have to pay for it etc..

So when our director told us that we are going to open our own blogs, I was shoked, and I was waiting to see what is gonna happen.. to be honest I never had this idea.www.eatv.tvSo our director told us to open , we opened it and we start open our blogs, it was very fantastic, I knew that this is the right time to publish my stuffs in a very easy way…

My blog is milazo is my weekend show name, am sure am going to use this blog very nice to my audiences…

So yesterday I wrote abaout what I learned, I wrote so many things in my blogspot .. so after this work shop am gonna put myphotos in the blog and all my details so that my audience can get what they want through the blog.

Yesterday I did enjoy attending the workshop, first a learned about the blog and so many different sites that I can visit and gain something like , where I can search for books, and so many sites that I can get more different stuffs. One thing I realize yesterday is that some of Tanzanian’s websites are not quite well, more creativity is needed and more seriousness.

Apart from that am sure hundred percent nothing bothered me, I was glad because every evening that am leaving the class, I find myself got something new in my mind, getting more stuffs about internet and so on…
To be honest am real glad, one more thing is that the food is so delicious, yani vizuri sana, probably if the food is nice I can study very well. Am sure..

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