Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I received a letter to join this workshop few weeks ago, and I was so glad to read it and realise that its internet workshop for Tanzanian Journalists, its so wonderful, so I decided to join the workshop because I knew it will help me a lot to gain more experience because of my job, am using internet a lot to prepare some of my programs. I know how to use internet but not that much as I will know when the training is finished.

In the workshop yesterday, we learned about How internet has changed societies and communication globally and journalism in the age of internet. I heard So many new stuffs yesterday, I was surprised to know that china is tha first country in the world to use internet following by USA, If u would ask me before I will say its USA. Wel, we visited so many websites yesterday, and I realy saw the changes in internet especially to a journalist like me, I didn’t know that I can watch TV through internet.. its so interesting…

Am sure this training is going to help a lot because it has what I want, what I need to be success in my job. Every day I want to learn something new about this job, yesterday our director told us that today we are going to learn about how to open blogs, I hope this is more than advantage to me, I was asking my self, how can I publish my self, how can people know wat am doing, I was thinking about open a website but its too expensive so I decide to live it, so opening my own blog is a new thing to me.

After this training I have to do so many things that I learned, I have to work through on it seriously… one of my best shows MILAZO 101 is going to be greatfully show because of the training. The internet experience that I got is opening the way to do more than I used to do earlier before this training.

What am I going to do after this training, am gonna fight and buy my own computer, (laptop)so that i can do my job more easy than I used to do. Till now there are so many advantage from this workshop,
imetulia sana


millard ayo said...

mambo vipi mzeiya upo juu mwana

Ndelyanarua said...

Hii ni msg ya Salum, hapatikani kwenye Blog yake. Any way, mwambie ana kubwa ya kufanya,mwezi mtukufu unakuja na kozi imeongezwa muda, sasa itakuwaje kwenye sausages na vyuku??